SIvantos Asia-Pacific Conference 2016

Dr. Nelly R. Ledesma and Engr. Edgardo G. Ledesma attended recently the Asia-Pacific Annual Conference (APAC) in Dubai by SIvantos, a hearing aid company manufactured by Siemens Medical Instruments on May 11-15 at Conrad Hotel in Dubai, UAE. Participants are audiologists, hearing aid specialists and dispensers from Japan, Taiwan, Malaysia, Korea, Thailand, Vietnam, Myanmar, Indonesia, Australia, Singapore and the Philippines.

Guests and speakers were Benoit Caudreliez, Dr. Harvey Dillon, Christian Franke, Petra Nolle-Schling, Riina Stengert and Dr. Nelly R. Ledesma.

Topics discussed were on the latest in hearing aid technology from Signia (Siemens), Rexton, Audio Service and A&M, as well as advances and development in the field of Speech, Hearing and Audiology. There were also discussions on better patient care, marketing and the current world market.

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