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Ledesma Audiological Center Inc. has been in the hearing industry for more than 42 years. Ledesma is the largest hearing aid sales center in the Philippines with 7 active branches nationwide.

We offer a variety of hearing aid models for all types and degree of hearing loss, a complete laboratory equipment for earmold processing, computerized equipment for programming digital hearing aids and video otoscopy that allows us to identify presence of middle ear pathology.

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Approximately 30% of all hearing losses can be helped medically. Thanks to today’s various technological advances, it is likely that the remaining 70% can be helped with properly fitted hearing aids.

Fully digital hearing aids boast today’s most advanced technology.

Ledesma Audiological Center, Inc boasts of its wide range of hearing aids from the most trusted brands. These hearing aids are available in CIC, ITE and BTE models.

Ledesma Hearing Missions

Doing the Work of God
John 6:25-33

When I was an Assistant Professor at the Philippine Normal University and a Part-Time lecturer at the College of Special Education at the University of the Philippines, I had a belief that my success in teaching depended on my ability to study and have a scholarly preparations for my lectures. I mistakenly believed that if I did not teach with power and persuasion, these universities will fade away and their graduate school in Special Education would fold. I thought I was responsible for the results of God’s work.

In 1972, I had a grant for a two (2) year assistantship in Speech Pathology and Audiology at the Kent State University in Ohio, USA. In 1974, the Lord has blessed me with the distinction as the First Filipino Audiologist. I continued teaching and conducted seminars in Audiology and Hearing Aid Prescription and Fitting. In 1977, I started private practice at the Ledesma Audiological Center – celebrating its 36th Anniversary on October 28, 2013.

Many years ago today, I have thought that private practice in Audiology is the work of God. I saw thousands of patients who were able to hear and communicate using the correct hearing aids suited to their type and degree of hearing loss. What a miracle of science!

Whatever I had to do then and now,whether teaching, planning a seminar, speaking in a workshop or leading a small group, I believe that it must be done by faith.

There is no other way to do audiology “to works of God”. It is calling and we have to do our profession with love and patience for God is love. Our responsibility is to serve God faithfully by serving the hearing impaired, men, women, children and adults, whenever or wherever He has placed us. The Lord reminded His disciples in John 15:15, “without me, you can do nothing.”