Services We Offer

 LACI Basic Services and Packages

1. Lifetime free service guarantee.

a.)  A free check-up of hearing aid(s) one month after fitting.
b.)  A free cleaning of hearing aid(s) every three months
c.)  A free cleaning of hearing aid(s) amplifier, receiver and microphone every six months.
d.)  A free consultation with Audiologist Dr. Nelly R. Ledesma if you have any problem with the use of your hearing aid(s) by appointment.

2. A six (6) months guarantee for analog hearing aids and one (1) year for digital hearing aids against manufacturing defects on amplifier, receiver and microphone only.  However all parts replaced after the guarantee period will be charged without labor cost.

3.  A free hearing test annually.

All hearing aids are electronic and use batteries that should have proper care and maintenance.  Ledesma offers an excellent after sales support and service for all patients.  They don’t have to worry about spending money for their services because all of these are free.  Only spare parts that need to be replaced will be paid by the patients.

Hearing aid requires batteries with 1.4 volts should be used for the hearing aids.  Other batteries with different voltage will shorten the life span of the hearing aid.  You can obtain your hearing aid batteries at all LACI branches.