Clinical Diagnostic Services

At the Ledesma Audiological Center, we provide an array of hearing services to identify the degree, configuration, and type of hearing loss. These include: hearing screening, diagnostic evaluations, immitance testing and special auditory test. In addition, we do outside consulting services to convalescent hospitals, homes, senior citizen centers, and hearing conservation services to private industries.

At our centers, we feel it is vital to work closely with family physicians, ear specialist, and doctors of other specialties to provide the most beneficial service to our patients.

Hearing Aid Services

One of the most effective treatments for sensorineural (nerve) hearing loss is properly fitted hearing aids. We offer a complete hearing aid program to meet the patient’s needs which includes the following:

  •  100% digital hearing aids of all types and models
  •  Complete hearing aid evaluation, fitting, and follow – up services.
  •  Hearing aid repairs and accessories.
  •  Auditory rehabilitation and counseling.
  •  Lifetime-free service.